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Talking shims in

I got the shims in the other day. Last night I reset the fuel mixture (colortune), sync'ed the carbs. I realize now that I'd forgotten how good this bike sounds.
So far it starts on a 1/2 turn and revs up and down, up and down smooth with no hesitation or down rev popping. For a while I've had one pop when I would decelerate and it drove me nuts. That's gone. I found out last night that, that was in #2 carb. I opened the fuel adjuster all the way and rev'ed it few times to see if it would blow out and it did for now. If it comes back I'll have to bite the bullet and pull the carb's and do the cleaning. Haven't road tested it yet cause I got the brake lines off. It's so nice when things seem to go right. Seem being the operative word there.

Here's what my valve #'s were:
1 2 3 4
I-.08 .08 .08 .05
E-.18 .10 .15 .19

Here they are now: I-.15 .15 .15 .15
E-.21 .24 .24 .21


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