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Smile valve #'s

Yup I sure coulda made errors in my math. Fortunately for me it all worked out well. Yea I see your point as far as the numbers adding up. At the time I just didn't think about it that much. I used the charts in the tech tips on this site. Here's what the shims were that were in and then the shims I replaced them with. #1 I-Y280/.275 E-Y300/.290
#2 I-Y280/.275 E-Y295/.280
#3 I-Y280/.275 E-Y290/.280
#4 I-Y300/.290 E-Y290/.285
I suppose I could be off a little on my final measurements but even with a thousandths here or there or a mm I still seem to be in spec fortunately there is a range ( for guys like me I guess) to fall into. We put about 150 miles on yesterday and the bike runs great plenty of power no sputtering, popping or hesitation. Again as far as the numbers adding up evenly I see your point so I'm OK with revising my math rather than going back in and remeasuring.


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