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I'm not certain about the XJ itself, but since it is the same drivet rain essentially as the 81 XS I own, it certainly should get low to mid 30s with the PODs. Now what you have not said is if you have stock exhaust with the POD filters.

Believe it or not, something as simple as spark plug gap can drasticaly shnge your millage. A few years ago, I left Cincinnati heading for Indianapolis with a fellow XSive on our Specials. Maybe a 100 mile trip. Within the range of a Specials tank. We got maybe half way there and he ran out of gas. Unfortunately, his fuel light was not working, and his filters had fallen otu of his petcocks we guessed, as he had no reserve. Anyway, when we got where we were going, he stated he tried to regap his plugs to compensate for another issue. Well, he fixed the gap in Indinapolis, what took two tanks to get there, took less than one to get home.

So, check your plug gaps, definitely tune and synch the carbs.
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