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Anti Virus

Since we all depend on the internet to get our info I thought this may be helpful. I have for years used AVG antivirus on my laptop always latest updates and scans each day. On the 27th I was hit by a variant of the Ransom Virus. The one that pretends to be the FBI extorting money.

I could not identify exactly which one as it was near impossible to load any tool availiable to remove or identify it. After 2 days I give up as nothing seemed to get all the roots out.

I got the virus while watching a vidio on ABC so it was not a high risk site. The main issue was no stand alone virus tools could identify or detect the virus and it imediately locked the computer the second anything connected to the internet. This is evidently not a wide spread virus but showed me that AVG had no protection and did not even identify I had one.

It was troublesome for me as this is the first I have been hit by anything that required me to format the drive and reinstall from scratch as usually symantec or someone has a utility that works. Understand I could not get any online tools to run as it locked before they could even start
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