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Trans fix

I bought an 81 with skipping 2nd gear just so I could try fixing it. Andreas sold me a good trans but everyone included Andreas told me to do the trans fix on this good trans to be ahead of the game/problem that may show up later.
I did the dremel fix and though I sold the bike to this day it's still working fine.
What I noted is contrary to most of our feelings about the dremel fix. That little barrel stone cut right through the gears as if there was no surface tempering ever done at the factory.
In contrast tried the stone on the front fender to elongate the bolt holes in order to drop the fender down a bit, I wanted it closer to the tire a little. I know the front fender has a built in spring steel brace and it was much much more work to get metal removed from this brace than it was from the gears.
What's that say about the tempering of the trans gears ?
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