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You guys are paranoid. If that bike were anything but nice it would show signs of it. I can look at a deteriorated weathered pile of garbage and know if it will run or not. There is a huge difference between weathered and user wear and tear. If that bike were weathered, you would see oxidation, there is none. If it were used or ridden a lot, you would see signs of tooling, tinkering, maintenance, scrapes, scuffs, etc... I don't see anything messed up worth mentioning. The only thing I would want to know about that bike, is how they obtained it. Is it also a bike lot? Do they take trade ins? If you want to know how good or bad it is, look over the oil plug bolt, the side cover screws, carb screws, and other various nuts and bolts that would routinely be used for maintenance. That's how you know how used it is. Both my bikes were sitting for at least a decade, weathered, oxidized, and all I did was look at the bolts to know they would run. These motors are bullet proof. Besides, I've been seeing XS11's around the Seattle area for up to $2500, and those aren't midnights, and they get non stop rain and ocean spray. They're crazy of course cause I wouldn't pay half of that, but some people think they're worth it. Go down there and snatch that thing up.
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