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Tee trouble as well

"You could try here.
The web site works just a little slow. In the search just type xs1100.

They have fuel tees, kinda pricey though. "

Yes they are I bought what was listed as a "kit" for ~50 clams and when I got it it was only 1 tee. And even that wasn't the right size for the fuel it fit the vent!
I emailed the guy and he said a kit ment it came with o-rings. My stupidity I figured it was at least2 tess for the fuel which will leak.
No comprimise. I think I have a buddy who can make some if I get him set up with my samples.
I am also looking for a set. (of 4) I am not sure of the years the carbs are but I ordered kits and they were wrong so when I reordered kits as 79's they were right.

Anyone have tees to part with ?
1980 XS1100 special
4 to 1 Kerker exhaust
120 mph speedo.
1979 carbs jetted 147 mains
47 idle

1980 XJ 650
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