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OK a start to this list
2 engines- I'll message you compression test results ECT.
One of the engines is in a a frame and is basically a complete bike but Im breakng the bike down
1 set of side covers
1 fairing
2 exhaust (1 is on a bike)
2 sets of carbs (1 on bike)
1 volt regulator
1 rear grab bar
1 center stand
1 brake pedal
1 battery box
1 drive shaft
1 seat
1 rear swingarm/rear drive
1 front end/wheel
1 guage set
1 hand control set
1 gas tank
1 ignition module
1 brake set front and rear calipers front and rear reservoir
This isnt a comprehensive list like I said the bike is more or less complete and if you need something in particular I can Take it off the bike
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