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Hello all !

I picked this baby up a couple days ago and I just got it all titled, plated, and insured today. It has 7,400 miles on it, new tires, plugs, battery, and supposedly a good carb cleaning but I have my doubts.....

I paid $750 for it and it is my first road bike

The Good:
Low Miles
Exhaust system is Solid ! No through pitting or rust !

The Ok:
Wiring all works corectly but was kind of bundled together, PO replaced all glass fuses with mini's (I guess those are an issue on these)

Seems to have a slight pop/tiny miss at idle, goes away after warm and driving ? Right side exhaust pipe so cyl 3 or 4 I think ? May be related to #4 pipe being blue ?

The Bad:
Dent in gas tank on right side

Seat is not correct, has horizontal eyelets and no rear cowl, I need one with a cowl that has the vertical mount tracks and nuts. Anyone have one LOL ?

Needs both side covers

Headlight assembly is all wrong (Circular) and cobbled together.
I want to take it back to original with Square Assembly. Parts anyone ?

Petcock on left side has slight leak, I will go through both.

Missing bolts on starter cover.......yikes see pic of left side engine and you will see the 2 piece cover hangs low on the right side part of it.

To do list:
Change all oils (Engine/Trans, Middle, Rear)
Get the power ball and the chrome polish out
Ride It !

Questions, Comments and advice is welcome ! Have a good one !

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