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Welcome to the madness of XS11 ownership! And welcome to the board as well!!

Originally Posted by bearcats101 View Post
I picked this baby up a couple days ago and I just got it all titled, plated, and insured today. It has 7,400 miles on it, new tires, plugs, battery, and supposedly a good carb cleaning but I have my doubts.....
Every bike ever sold either just needs a good carb cleaning, or the carbs were just cleaned and really....just a pro....really.

Originally Posted by bearcats101 View Post
I paid $750 for it and it is my first road bike
I'd say you got a good deal considering it runs and is road worthy as is!! I would recommend taking the MSF safety course if you have not. Road riding has a lot more dangers to be prepared for, mostly the folks in the four wheel vehicles that forget we two wheeled vehicles are there. The MSF course gives you some good tools to be ready for them.

Originally Posted by bearcats101 View Post
Wiring all works corectly but was kind of bundled together, PO replaced all glass fuses with mini's (I guess those are an issue on these)
Yes, the factory fuse box is a weak spot. The Admin here TopCat buys a replacement fuse box in bulk and resells them to the members here.

Originally Posted by bearcats101 View Post
Seems to have a slight pop/tiny miss at idle, goes away after warm and driving ? Right side exhaust pipe so cyl 3 or 4 I think ? May be related to #4 pipe being blue ?
Might, you can try adding some Seafoam to a tank of fuel and run it through see if it clears up. May just need to open the mix screw a 1/4 turn on no 4 carb. OR maybe no 4 carbs enrichment jet in the fuel bowl needs cleaned.

Originally Posted by bearcats101 View Post
Missing bolts on starter cover.......yikes see pic of left side engine and you will see the 2 piece cover hangs low on the right side part of it.
I do not believe your missing screws there. The left side of that is a bearing cover, the right side is part of the starter itself. If the bolts were missing, the starter would be loose.

The side covers can be tough to come by. Not sure on the square headlight assembly. But Ebay, Andreis, and the parts wanted section of this site are definitely your best bet for parts you need.

Nice looking F model, hope you get many miles of smiles out of it!!!
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