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Originally Posted by DGXSER View Post
Welcome to the madness of XS11 ownership! And welcome to the board as well!!

Every bike ever sold either just needs a good carb cleaning, or the carbs were just cleaned and really....just a pro....really.

I'd say you got a good deal considering it runs and is road worthy as is!! I would recommend taking the MSF safety course if you have not. Road riding has a lot more dangers to be prepared for, mostly the folks in the four wheel vehicles that forget we two wheeled vehicles are there. The MSF course gives you some good tools to be ready for them.

Yes, the factory fuse box is a weak spot. The Admin here TopCat buys a replacement fuse box in bulk and resells them to the members here.

Might, you can try adding some Seafoam to a tank of fuel and run it through see if it clears up. May just need to open the mix screw a 1/4 turn on no 4 carb. OR maybe no 4 carbs enrichment jet in the fuel bowl needs cleaned.

I do not believe your missing screws there. The left side of that is a bearing cover, the right side is part of the starter itself. If the bolts were missing, the starter would be loose.

The side covers can be tough to come by. Not sure on the square headlight assembly. But Ebay, Andreis, and the parts wanted section of this site are definitely your best bet for parts you need.

Nice looking F model, hope you get many miles of smiles out of it!!!
1. Carbs are going to a pro to be cleaned up, checked out and Dyna Jetted, bike runs lean and also leans out in the high rpm, and peace of mind knowing my guy will do them right ! Plus im adding in-line fuel filters and making sure all the Fuel Lines and Vacuum lines are routed and blocked off correctly !

2. I consider myself to be a good rider, I of course have an endorsement, but I have been riding everything under the sun since I was big enough. Ridden others bikes just never had my own. (Learned on a VTX 1800 )

3. My fuses have been replaced but I would love to clean them up and get them back into a block if possible, mine is a nest of tape right now

4. Seafoam was added along with some 94 octane gas and plenty of throttle It was a 50% improvement from when I bought it. Really woke up, still not perfect though.

5. Starer was in fact missing the upper and lower bolt, luckily having jap bike bolt kits laying around solved that problem.

6. Side Covers and correct seat need to be bought and then all paint work will be done. (Cant wait!) Headlight assembly will be a process. I think the seat and headlight assembly are off of a Honda, works for now but i like cleanliness

7. Guy who originally sold it to me thought it was a 78 but after I ran the vin I know it is a 79. Had a 6/78 vin decal. And I put 450 miles on it this weekend

Thanks for your input !
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