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Originally Posted by 3Phase View Post
Time for a break: sliced my finger good in the #1 intake port while I was washing the head down with hot water. Dummy....

Anyway -- the engine was pumping out a quart to a quart-and-a-half of oil every fifty to a hundred miles all the way to Colorado and back to Utah.

If it'd been burning the oil it would have got hot and been pinging like crazy when the octane rating went through the floor and equaled whatever octane the current bottle of 20W-50 oil had instead of unleaded regular gas but it never pinged once, even at the top of Pike's Peak.

Darn, so much for engine work this evening.

There's only one way the oil can get out if it's not leaking out of the case and that's through the combustion chamber.

BTW Scott, oil would RAISE the octane of the fuel by making it burn slower.

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