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Originally Posted by puskrat View Post
Not exactly beating a dead horse, but how does the gasoline leaked past the float valves get from the carburetor into the crankcase? When i was describing this scenario to a Harley guy, he thought bad rings. I'm thinking not, but I know the mixture will be thinner than the oil those rings usually deal with....
Specifically by the ring end gaps. All engines that are in good running condition with good compression will have normal 10%-15% cylinder leakage. This leakage is what gets into the crankcase by the ring end gaps. That is why the crankcase has to have a breather. Otherwise, you blow a gasket or seal. There is such a thing as gapless piston rings, but are typically for racing.

To easily prevent crankcase flooding with fuel, simply put a 2X4 under the front wheel with bike on center stand. Leaking fuel will run into air box instead of the engine.
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