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Favorite Pingel Petcock for a Special

My '79 SF is coming along on the rehabilitation, I've got all the parts now to rebuild the front brakes, SS lines arrived today.

After much reading and research on here, I've decided to eliminate the Octy in the interest of reliability.

Both failure modes are not attractive, and although I am old, I can still remember to turn off a petcock. Plus I just can't bear the thought of 17 hose clamps waiting to leak.

I'm probably going with Pingel petcocks unless someone has a better, less expensive, recommendation.

They have the SF 34MM adapter plate to 3/8 NPT that most of their petcocks use.

Any one have a recommendation on what model Pingle works well with the SF teardrop tank?

I've seen the tech tip on in-line filters and want to install them too.

Any other advice on replacing the petcocks and eliminating the Octy?

I know I need a plug for the #2 carb vac port.

Thanks for any help,

79 SF
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