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Hey Sorb,

I got some petcocks off of eBay, made my own adapter plates. I had to drill out/widen the opening in the tank a little to accommodate the petcock filter screen/tower. Also cut my own rubber gaskets out of large NEOPRENE washers. Still used that special fuel resistant sealant,(Seal All). Used neoprene O-ring on the mounting screws vs. fiber washers...YMMV. I think has adapter plates, or was it, along with generic petcocks.

Most of the petcocks will have the ability to change/position the output nipples forward or rearward, maybe even downward which can help position them away from the carb tops. Also suggested to run the right petcock to the left pair of carbs, and vice versa, allows you to lift the tank more for easier access to connect/disconnect lines, also room for the inline filters going across the intake tubes before going downward to the fuel inlet T's between the carbs at the bottom of the carb body.

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