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Am I reading this right? Special Fuel Sender Does nothing?

I'm trying to figure out how to wire up the XS11 Special Fuel Sender to my Acewell Gauge. Its a "on / off" type light it appears, so my thought is that the guage will either show "full" or "empty" depending on how i tweak the resistance.

Problem is, the wiring makes no sense. Look at this diagram. I also traced this out in the color clymer manual and found the same thing:

According to this, the indicator light connects to ground and a dark green wire, that dark green wire connects to the sender in the tank. Then that sender sends out a black wire back to ground ?! WTF

Am I missing a connection here? Where does the current enter the system?

According to Diagram 75 on page 186 though... it seems I can just run the gauge right to the green wire?
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