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I may be overstepping my bounds here, but if I could offer a little advice... For me, tearing the carbs apart, and rebuilding them with K&L kits from ebay was step#1. Of course I cleaned them with carb cleaner, no soaking, just a thorough tear-down, including each hole cleaned with a pin on all 4 emulsion tubes, etc. I set the floats at 25.5 mm, and keep in mind, all needles and seats were replaced from the kits. There is a fine video from motorcyclememoir that illustrates most of the procedure. DO NOT BE AFRAID to do your own work. I did this stuff, you can, too. These guys here are patient and smart, they will help. --here's the link:

After many problems with revving idle and hanging idle, the gurus here suggested replacing the pilot jets with genuine Mikunis. I had checked for vac. leaks, etc., but the pilot fix did the trick. My bike runs like a beast now, and the carbs are not really that difficult to work on, you just need a manual ( online at scribd), and some patience. Good luck.
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