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Originally, I was apprehensive about doing my own carbs and trusted a ' specialist'. I bought a set of 'reconditioned' carbs, from the US, and had them shipped to the UK. I did the remote tank test and thank heavens I did! Fuel leaked from absolutely everywhere! Even the float bowl gaskets because they hasn't been tightened properly. The carbs were contaminated with blasting sand, missing one air screw and painted in gas soluble paint. It was a real horror story and I ended up sending them back, although I lost out on import duty. I then took a deep breath and did it all myself...perfectly.

This person still advertises his services on eBay, by the way. When I emailed him about it, I received a four word response.."I don't get it".

So, my advice is read the posts in the thread, persevere, don't lose heart and do it all yourself. Are all, its only the same thing four times over even if you do a complete rebuild.
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