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Originally Posted by jrobertfox View Post
- - - this newly completed bike might be in storage for some weeks while I figure out how to ship it to Argentina!? - - -
Hi Robert,
partially dismantled in a sturdy wooden crate? If it's part of a family move talk to the shipper about crating requirements. My last big move was a professional job and I had an interesting discussion with the shipper.
We can't take paint. Or welding gas tanks. Or that propane tank.
That propane tank has no valve and has been empty for a decade.
That's f**king stupid.
No, that's only dumb, what's f**king stupid is we can't take your fire extinguisher on a vehicle that's mandated to carry one.
And that was a move within Canada.
So don't tell lies but be careful what you say.
Steam rinse the gas tank but don't mention gasolene
Refer to "vehicle parts", not "motorcycle"
And have a great time in Argentina.
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