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1981 XS1100 for sale - Indianapolis

Hi guys and thanks for reading (posting for hubby).
I'm offering my 1981 XS-1100 Special for sale, $600.00 or best offer. It has 14,000 miles on it and I bought it with a plan in mind, but I had to change those plans recently.
The engine is sound, will run when the carbs are cleaned, and a new battery replaced. Tires need replacing and there is a tear in the seat. Up until 2014 it was a daily driver and has been sitting in our garage for 4 years. We did charge it last year and run periodically over the summer. And today when we pushed it outside we noticed the brakes have seized a little after sitting so long.
It is the original article (frame and motor numbers match) but it had been in long-term storage, while there, it was wrapped in pallet-wrap but something was dropped on it from above. As a result the tank has several scratches and minor dents in the top side. I purchased the bike that way with the intention of fixing the tank - but rode the bike anyway and never got around to taking care of the tank.
I hope it's okay but I will link to our dropbox account, the pictures from today and pictures from 2014 - there is a video from 2014 as well.
If interested, please email us at

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