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Originally Posted by Bonz View Post
That year was brutal. We got behind an SUV from Oklahoma that was having tranny or engine problems and we couldn't get out of first gear at 5 miles per hour in the thin air to get any engine cooling. That azz hat wouldn't pull over and when he finally literally broke down two miles from the top we all went by and gave him the XS1100 salute if you know what I mean. One of Greg's home state boys is directly responsible for his engine's loss.

Bob's C14 was pegged on his temperature gauge before we even got through the gate at the bottom. For whatever reason my ZRX did not have an issue but it was brutal none the less. I have since installed a manual fan switch that I can turn on at any time to aid in cooling which is definitely helpful at higher elevations at low speeds. I can turn it on before the bike would turn it on and keep it from getting warm enough to begin with for it to automatically kick on.
Yeah that does sound pretty brutal..I'm not sure that would be a good idea since i'd still need to ride back to NC on the bike..Pike's Peak? I think we'll pass on that one...
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