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Mississippi War History Ride

A local historian took me on a history ride. We followed a Union Army map dated 1862.

Sherman marched 30,000 troops down this road.

There is the remains of a gas pump in the woods. This is the kind with glass bowl on top.

This house was on the 1862 map. Itís way off the road. At this point in the war, the Yankees hadn't started burning everything to the ground.

Sherman claimed he could see the steeples of Oxford from here. It's now the location of Laws Mill Fish House.

Battle of Wyatt happened here. When the water level goes down, you can still pick up relics.

Grant camped here with 50,000 troops.

We walked across this field and into the woods.

Earthworks were on the map. V cutouts for cannons clearly visible. Waiting for Grant.

Abbeville. Van Dornís trial was here.

The church that goes with the sign.

Lunch in Oxford, Mississippi It's a lovely city and home to Ole Miss.

The battle of Hurricane Creek took place here.

Grant traveled this road with 50,000 troops and a wagon train.

This road is part of the Trans America Trail.

Cordelia Lewis Scales Someone I plan to be reading about very soon.

This was not a proper motorcycle for this, but I managed. I may have done 20 miles of gravel on this trip.

Downtown New Hudsonville. You can see where houses were if you look closely.

My guide. He has quite a Honda collection. I tried to take notes all day, but it got overwhelming. It was a day well spent!
Marty (in Mississippi)
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