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Originally Posted by MaximPhil View Post
Hi Marty,
Nice pictures and sounds like a good ride. Your guide has a Honda 50 just like my first bike except mine was Red the fast colour Is that the Mississippi river overflowing it's banks ? I would like to take a similar ride with you.missing the gravel road bits. I recognized that stretch of the Trans America trail having watched a video of the trail. It requires a dual sport bike as most of it is gravel in varying degrees of rough.

Phil, the ride was entirely in the hill country. We were never very far from home, though I rode about 250 miles. The big body of water is Sardis Lake. Sardis Lake now covers part of the battlefield, but you can walk it in the winter. It's part of the Tallahatchie River. The Sardis Dam is for flood control. The town of Wyatt is no more. The place is now Wyatt Crossing. It's only 20 to 30 minutes from my house.

My guide was riding the ideal motorcycle for this ride or the Trans America Trail. It's a 250 cc Honda. It seems to be happy at 60 mph either on the highway or gravel roads. I tried it and found it very comfortable. On the TAT, you're going to fall down. You don't want to be on a bike bigger than you want to pick up over and over. In a word, you would not want to use an XS1100.
Marty (in Mississippi)
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