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All the logins and account information required for the upgrade has been gathered. A survey of the current system has been performed and the following list of changes and upgrades has been agreed to:
  1. Enable SSL redirect. SSL cert already generated for
  2. Upgrade from vBulletin 3 to vBulletin 5
  3. Update from Joomla 1.5 to latest (3.9.14)
  4. Host vBulletin outside Joomla so that they are two separate sites with Joomla just containing a link to the vBulletin
  5. Enable member payment to offset costs of forum upgrades and hosting.
  6. Investigate re-enabling user self registration if captcha works well enough
  7. Get email notifications working again. Looks like they stopped in April 2014

So far all of my time has gone into #2 (the vBulletin upgrade) and indirectly #4. Catching up on 12 years worth of forum, database, and OS updates takes a toll but I am pleased to announce that the upgrade has been successfully performed on a backup server. The forum, including member information and posts, successfully migrated to the latest version of the vBulletin software and I successfully logged in and posted a new message.

Here are two pictures to prove the point.

The URL shown in those pictures won't resolve outside of my house so don't bother trying to visit the site. Here is what I learned about the upgrade so far.

A. No way in heck am I doing that upgrade to the live server. Too many moving parts. I have asked the site owner to investigate purchasing another VM for an easy cut over.
B. When the upgrade is performed for real, the current xs11 website will need to be read-only for a day or two. Still online, but any new content won't get transferred over.
C. The URL format in VB5 is different. The vBulletin team has stated URLs in our current format will still resolve correctly in VB5. So even though the URLs will look different, any old links to our site out there on the web will still work even after the upgrade is complete.

I believe the forum will be the hardest part of the upgrade. I will get started on upgrading Joomla, the content management system that provides the non-forum parts of the website. This is like my low priority 5th job so hang in there while the work gets done.

Several people have expressed an interest in helping out. I appreciate the offers and now is the time to cash in on those offers. I would like help with the following areas:
  1. Need someone to lead an evaluation of the vb5 test site. I will send you a good URL so you can start compiling a list of issues, sorted by deal breaker vs fix it after the upgrade.
  2. Need someone to prepare hosting provider recommendation (cost, capabilities, domain name transfer, etc.) in case we end up not getting another VM with the current provider

If you would like help, please volunteer below. I only need to know the lead person for #1, but he/she is more than welcome to have a team of volunteers helping conduct the tests.

I am terrible about logging into the xs11 forums and since email notifications don't work, here is my personal email in case you need to reach me;
'80 XS Special
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