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That's for sure Brant!

Originally Posted by 3Phase View Post
The Harley is set up better for touring and it's way more comfortable.

I never liked the riding position on Columbo for long distance.
A different set bars would be nice but that is: "Just one more thing!"

The XJ11 is great for long rides and canyon carving. I have a new windshield lined up but the soft bags I bought for it a few years ago are pretty toasty now from rain and UV.
Buying new gear puts it in the same place as Columbo: "Just one more thing!"
I don't know if you guys remember however "Just one more thing" is Peter Faulk's catchphrase in Colombo and it was very fitting for Scott's bike thus the name. There is always "just one more thing" to be done on the bike!

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