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Originally Posted by Bonz View Post
Nice pic Greg. Supposedly it was given the title of the most unappealing of all town names.
The mechanic in Salt Lake City pooched the warranty engine repair on my shiny new Harley and was acting like the starter or the battery was bad.
After I met up with Greg in Tulsa we wound up stopping at almost every croakin' Harley dealership on the 40 East all the way to North Carolina for the rally and he was, uh, not happy.

I was beyond that.

I was ready to light the thing on fire and dance around it while singing pagan songs, then buying a reliable XJ/XS11 from someone -- anyone! on the way back east.

I think he's thinking it'll do it again and I honestly can't blame him one bit.

Thus Toad Suck.
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