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mere 30 out ......

just a month to go until 1st launch attempt

I see it has been a hot, humid & windy 100+ in TX, OK & KS so it must be 30 days to GO time when it starts hitting nasty humid 110+

Still frantically working on the E's but accomplished one major hurdle yesterday (can't take an LD motorcycle trip without a working motorcycle) when I went to pick up the ol' pumpkin. Its sporting new E4 skins and everything containing a liquid was drained and flushed. New battery (time to replace batt since install date was Feb 2011) and new brake pads. Hope to test ride Wing a few hundred miles before heading west for this 3,900 mile trip.

So bike is ready. Now I can work on getting rider prepared to tackle tornado alley, twice. So far, so good. Looking forward to the rally and seeing everyone again. Plus looking forward to riding 306 / 209 now that 209 is paved.

I see with the 2020 virus situation (stay off airplanes & ships) that motorhome & trailer sales are booming so hope we don't have to deal with too many road obstacles.

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