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The folding chrome kicker from an XS850 and a plain steel XS750 have both worked fine on my '80G Standard and my '82 XJ11.

I have not tried it on any year/model XS11 Special so it may not work.

The kicker folds in out of the way next to the airbox after use but the large pin head for the swivel does contact the top of the triangular aluminum passenger footpeg bracket at full extension during the downkick and it's made a small notch.

Until recently because it's sat for a while my XJ always started with one or two kicks cold. Every. Time.

I don't remember the part number for the oil seal but the hole in the aluminum clutch cover is fine and there is no weird-ASCII wear where the kicker ratchet and splines go through the cover.

There are zero number of oil leaks.
-- Scott

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