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If you do get to the point of resoldering the floats put the whole float in a jar of water and just have the area around the hole to be soldered up and out of the water. This helps the float to not overheat and it also keeps all the other solder joints from coming loose when you heat it up.

AND make sure you do not get any water in the float before you solder it. I would suggest drilling and reinflating and soldering one side before you go and drill a hole in the other side.

If you want to get real anal about it (but its actually not a bad thing to do anyways) get a small scale and weigh the floats before you do anything to them. Then after your done weigh them again. If the floats are heavier or lighter then you will need to adjust your float height to compensate for the different weight of the float. It might not be much though so it may not have much of an effect.

Good luck. I had to solder a bunch of holes in 3 of my floats. It sucks and its time consuming.

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