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I've got an old brass float, but have been puzzling over how to get a decent measure of its displacement. I think I've come up with something.

I found a small plastic jar that the float will just snugly fit into so it doesn't float. I put the float into the jar and filled it to just level, as near as I could make it out.

Next I carefully picked the float out of the jar with a fine dental pick.

then used a syringe to refill the jar


By my measure, it took 18.0 cc to refill the jar.

Looking at the whole thing, it seems to me that there is enough variability in trying to determine when a jar this size is "just full" to the same amount twice in a row, that this measurement might be a bit suspect. The syringe gives a good reading on the amount of water replaced, but the fill level concerns me a bit.

Ken Talbot
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