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That is definitely creative Ken! I was originally thinking about half filling a graduated cylinder and then using a piece of wire to JUST fully submerge the float in it and then read the new volume off the cylinder. Of course, I don't HAVE a graduated cylinder big enough for this, but it should work.

The other method I could use would involve measuring the weight of the displaced water instead. Basically, I could fill up a small jar until it was complete full via the miniscus forms, then weight the jar on my 1/10 gram scale (yes, I would have to be very careful!). Then, carefully submerge the float so it displaces the water out of the jar and then reweigh the jar to get the weight of the water displaced (well, with a little math).

For a ball park measurement, could I get you to measure the width of each float? I caliper would be perfect, but I bet you could get close with just a good ruler.

Thanks for the help!
-- Clint
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