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Originally Posted by BA80 View Post
What part of the tank looks wrong? Just curious. I don't know.

It's got a 78 cowl and seat on it for sure. The rotors aren't slotted either.
The indent on the 81 tank is more squared off, and they didn't come in macho maroon. And as you said, the seat, side covers, rotors and from what I can see of the forks (can't see air caps from the limited site of the tops of them) those aren't 81 forks either. And that's NOT an 81 fairing either, it's a Pacifico, which didn't come on the 81's, not in any shape or form. Basically every styling cue that can be seen on that bike says 78, and not a one says different.

Oh, and besides, while not as obvious, the tanks not tall enough for an 81 tank.

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