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Angry Carburetor Rebuild - Butterflies stuck

I was amazed to get this 79XS1100SF with only 6K miles. However, It hasnt been run since 1985, maybe 1984. It was stored with fuel in the tank, so I undertook the rebuild, along with corroded electrical, but enough about that.

On to the issue:
I've managed to painstakingly work out all the varnish, which practically painted the thing shut. The rebuild kit is here (ordered from eBay). Now my only issue is that the butterflies wouldn't open at all. I've sprayed the hell out of it with PB Blaster and worked it pretty hard up and down. Now they move with much less force, but the return spring is still not shutting the valves.
Is there somewhere specific that I should be lubricating; or should I keep working it back and forth? I've never taken a carb apart until now and I think I've done pretty good with this one, but the sticking throttle is the only thing that's really keeping me from getting this on the road (and waiting for the new TCI to come in- scheduled Monday or Tuesday).

More specifically, the throttle lever (where the cable attaches) is what I'm referring to.
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