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Originally Posted by CWLindeman View Post
I am unable to get the rail that holds the carbs together off of them to get to all the slides. I'll try the silicone first, then, if that doesn't work, I"ll soak in gasoline (with the diaphragm assembly still apart).

When it comes to the slide needle attached to the diaphragm assembly, how do I remove the slide needle, so that I may replace it (one of them is loose)?

This site has been a wealth of information. 2 days until this bike is whole again. I can't wait to be back on the road, even though it seems a late snow is rearing its ugly head.

I'll be sure to add some pics when I've reassembled the bike. Other than a little oxidation on the chrome, its in impeccable condition.
Use some heat to help remove the screws that hold the carbs onto the rail.

The slide needles should move some. There is a spring sitting on top of the needle to allow some movement. So it is the 3 that do not move that are gummed up and need the attention. There is a C clip down inside the slide tube that needs to be removed and that will allow the needles to be removed.

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