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Originally Posted by CWLindeman View Post
i wish i had known gasoline would remove the varnish.
The varnish is just the residue left by the evaporated gas. The reason it's not widely used is it's so flammable and dangerous, that's why I added the precaution. Please be careful.

Originally Posted by CWLindeman View Post
can anyone reccomend a removable windshield? last year i was so fatigued from the wind tearing on my half-helmet, i swore to never undertake a 5+hour trip without a windshield ever again. i would prefer to take it off once i reach my hotel. any reccomendations are appreciated.
There are several universal windshields available. They are, well mine is, easy to remove and you can just leave the mounts on the bike. I got my street shied from JC Whitney. Here's a pic......


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