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Petcocks, Fuel lines, Carburetors, Oh My!

Hi Guys
So after cleaning the carbs yet again and finding no success I decided to revisit the gas tank to see if it really wasn't as rusted as I ad been thinking. I thought wrong, when I drained the gas tank the gas was orange with rust and a ton of rust flakes came flowing out.

So today I'll be doing electrolysis to take care of the rust. (if anyone has a prefered method I'd love to hear it I found some youtube videos I'm going to follow otherwise.)

As we move along my petcocks are in iffy shape. the Right side leaks when in the res position and pours out in the on and prime position. the left side operates normally with only a slight leak (1 drop per minute) in the on/res position. I am assuming they will need to be rebuilt. I am considering changing them to non-vac petcocks. Does anyone have any experience with this? I don't have the tools to modify the fuel tank so I am hoping to find a plug and play option.

moving on to the fuel lines:

As I mentioned before my bike didn't come with an Octy ('79 xs1100 Not a special)

Was the octy was standard on all models or just the special?

Going further I am confused as to how I should be connecting the fuel and vacuum lines and which valves need to be capped off. As well as which ones need to be connected to the airbox. When you are bypassing the OCTY

I've looked at other posts and diagrams but I'm a little overwhelmed by the options.

As of now I have two lines coming off the engine side of the middle 2 carb boots going nowhere. The other two carb boot valves are capped off. then I have the four lines 2 top 2 bottom of the carburetor itself. I have the two top facing lines going to the airbox and the two bottom lines going to the petcocks.

at petcocks I had a T splitter on each side joining the Vacuum and Fuel lines (This set up doesn't make sense to me the longer I look at it)

then I have one (what I believe is a breather line) coming off the transmission housing

Can you guys help me figure out which Diagram I should be using and what should be capped, filtered,etc?

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!

79 F Bobber/Cafe Hybrid
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