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"cleaning carbs"..........can mean ALOT of things. If you haven't removed EVERY removable piece in carbs and throughly cleaned, they are NOT clean yet.
Your bike has two fuel lines/two vacuum lines. Vacuum line gos from #2carb boot brass nipple to front of left petcock. Other vacuum line goes from #3carb boott's brass nipple to front of right side petcock.
Fuel lines(if replacing) neeed to be each long enough to criss-cross....left petcock to right fuel tee/right petcock to left fuel tee.
A larger precurved hose goes from front upper portion of airbox to breather opening top of crank case.
That's it......easy-peasy.
Your petcock issue doesn't necessarily require a "kit". Largest percentage of time, removal from tank, dissassembly, cleaning pieces and polishing face of rotating lever works fine. Clean all sealing surfaces, and re-assemble................BEFORE you go buying any re-build kits(which CAN be 'iffy' anyways).
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