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Originally Posted by jetmechmarty View Post
I've done some tank derusting. I've used electrolysis, phosphoric acid, and Metal Rescue.

First question; how bad rusty is it? If it just has a rusty spot or two and you don't want to follow with a liner then I'd highly recommend using Metal Rescue or Evapo-Rust and be done with it.

If there is a lot of rust, the best easiest way to deal with it is with a solution of phosphoric acid. You'll have to follow with a liner or it will rust again in short order. I like the Caswell epoxy liner.
I saw this too late I had already set up the electrolysis. To answer your question though, it's not cover in rust I can still see metal. But there is enough there that it flakes off and turn the water bring orange.

If this doesn't work I'll try the phosphoric acid method or metal rescue.
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