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Engine sputtering around 5K RPM under LOAD only

Hi everyone,

I am getting a recently acquired 79 back into shape. Now that the 2nd gear fix has been applied, and the clutch is running reasonably well, I am turning my attention to how well (or not so well) the engine runs. The carbs have been synched, the fuel-air mixture adjusted with a colortune (what a nice piece of kit that is to have!), the advanced mechanism has been cleaned and wires checked, one wire had to be fixed. The coils are original and all measure ok, installed pod filters, cleaned and re-jetted carbs to match pod setup, new manual petcocks (no octopus), but....

The engine runs really well when static, it's smooth all the way up to the red line. The problem is when I ride the bike, the engine stutters at around 5k RPM no matter what gear I am in.

Looking suggestions for what could be causing this problem while the engine is under load but not when static?

Another thing to mention, the choke is not working right, I have to hold some throttle with no choke to warm it up... just throwing that in the description in case it might be relevant to the problem.

I do have inline fuel filters but same problem happens without them as well.
79 XS1100SF (Canada)
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