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Also, another thing to check and eliminate as a possible issue is the mechanical advance assembly. That assembly under the left ignition cover needs to be floppy loose and free movement. If it isn't, it needs to be removed, cleaned and re-lubed. Another area to eliminate as a possibility is the pilot circuit jets. They need to be INTERNALLY clean, and usually takes a magnifying glass to inspect internally. And mostly important, the main jets and pilot jets HAVE to be Genuine Mikuni. If they are RD or K&L jets, this WILL be an issue when running and tuning. Pilot jet designations are located on side of jets and WILL require a magnifying glass to see the numbering on them AND the curly Mikuni designation. Of course, the main jet numbering is on top of jets, but also MUST have the Mikuni curly designation beside the numbering. Problem with aftermarket jets is Mikuni still has copyrights in effect, and aftermarket jets do NOT use same flow testing. Also the aftermarket jets CANNOT be copied exactly internally. Flow differences are also dramatic compared to Genuine Mikuni jets. For example, since I've checked size differnces, 110 hole size of aftermarket main jets are equilalent to 115-117.5 hole sizes of Genuine Mikuni main jets.
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