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Absolutely DO NOT run Ethanol blended gas in the 1100. I tried a tankful of E-10 the other day and it really made a difference in the performance AND mileage.

After running neck and neck with an F250 full of yokels at a stoplight, I confirmed that the E-10 robbed me of some serious "oomph". The old "butt-dyno(tm)" could really feel the power loss in on-ramps too.

Also had to give it more throttle on the interstate. So, my mileage suffered quite a bit. I usually get 100 miles from a tank before I fill up again, but with the E-10, I managed about 60.

I refilled with nice straight 87 octane no alky and my old friend is back and as snappy as ever. Put on 150 miles yesterday and got a nice sunburn to show for it.

Running straight 87 octane I figure I get about 25-30 on average. Ethanol gas drops that down to 20-25. I do alot of interstate driving and those 4 carbys are thirsty!
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