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Gettin over 40...(mph)

Hey all.

Got a carb question for the guru's.

The 80 Standard we have in our garage had some carburator issues that were hammered out by me just before xmas, The bike sat for 5+ years after my dad determined it was too expensive to fix the diaphragms. They had developed some pinholes and small cracks, nothing too major, but enough to cause vacuum problems. Thanks to yamabond I was able to fix the carbs, clean them thoroughly (taught by a certified technician friend that grew up around these carbs) and sync them on the bike and give it to my dad for a xmas present. Due to the cold weather here in Nodak, I was unable to take the bike out for a cruise until this spring. This is where the problem comes into play....

The bike fires off, but doesnt really seem to want to, my non-expert diagnosis is that it is extremely lean at this point. HOWEVER once running, she purrs like a kitten. You can sit on the bike, not moving, and run the crap out of it all day throttle wise and she never seems to have an issue. But once its out on the road, getting past 40 is impossible. The effect is comparable to bad pickup coil wires (for those of you that know what im talking about) you can give it all the throttle you want, but not go anywhere.

A recheck of the diaphragms show no holes or possible leak points. So a vacuum leak is likely out.

Bike has stock airbox with K&N filter, factory jetting, 4-1 exhaust (brand unknown)

What are my options????

Thanks for the help.
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