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If I understand you, you put your dad's rebuilt/repaired carbs on your SG, and it exhibited the same symptoms as your dads G!?

Back to the beginning, you repaired the pinholes in the diaphragms. Have you checked to make sure the vacuum slides actually still move?

I was playing with my bike some time back after working on the carbs, and doing some test video recording, and had the filters off so I could see down the carb intake throats. Sitting there in neutral, no load on the engine, I was able to rev it to 7Krpm and the vacuum slides barely raised....this was SLOWLY rolling on the throttle. But when I would crack them open from idle developing a lot more vacuum and the slides would pop and jump up considerably until the rpms raised, and the vacuum equalized, and then the slides would lower again.

I don't remember folks recommending fixing them with Yamabond? It's a good gasket sealant, but not necessarily a good adhesive? Using some liquid rubber cement, with some pieces of rubber gloves or such is what I remember, but haven't reviewed them for a while?
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