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Sorry Bauer,

But with the OLDER or Manual type carbs that have the slides connected to the throttle cable, then YES, it will rise and fall as you turn the throttle. BUT, ours are vacuum controlled, and so depending on the load of the engine, the amount of vacuum varies, and so the pull on the slides varies as the vacuum and needs of the engine varies. While cruising, there is very little load on the engine, carbs, and so the slides are actually not riding very high at all, but when you want to accellerate, you crack the throttle, which opens the butterflies, this creates a vacuum differential and draws the slides up which raises the slide needle, letting in more fuel with the increased air, but as the engine responds, and the vacuum evens out, the slides will drop down "some". They will be higher than at idle, but not near as high as when under heavy load and large throttle input!
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