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Help, both something wrong and I'm an idiot

I have occasionally posted and freely admit to only a vague clue of what I'm doing. So, here's the story.

Last year my xs11h wouldn't start. Cranked, but that was all. I noted a low oil level, assumed the worst, and waited until I had time to dig into it.

Time arrived, and instead of checking the simple stuff I opened up the valve cover (30psi compression in each cylinder, but that was with the throttle closed. My local mechanic said I should've checked with throttle open, and since I didn't 30psi wasn't bad). I thought one of the cams had jumped a tooth, but it didn't look like it once it was open.

Backing up, I checked the valves and closed up the valve cover, deciding to check for spark. I hit the starter, it cranked a couple times, then stopped. I thought the battery was low, maybe it was, but I had forgotten to reinstall the cam chain tensioner.

So, I installed that again, but the bike still won't turn over. On the timing wheel (left side of the engine, with all the marks, rotate clockwise) I can get about 1/4 turn either way.

I have no idea what's wrong. Suggestions are encouraged before I give up and send the whole thing to my mechanic with a wad of money and say "make run good."

I have done some searching, btw, but there has been so much said (and said again) about the cam chain tensioner that wading through it all is a mess. And yeah, I know I'm adding to the mess, but I really couldn't find anything.
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