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Originally Posted by zie_kraut View Post
I researched, but could not find what "VM" stands for. As a farm mechanic first, then, an auto mechanic, when I hear "CV" I think independent suspension. But my guess "V" is still Velocity. With how the VM carbs work I say velocity means metered. On the CV carb you have full atomization of fuel no matter where in the throttle range. VM's are more 'primitive.' They still get the job done. Many applications use VM instead of CV. (And yes a lot of that is the convenience of the VM over about any other.) Anyways, back to your questions, I am more than happy to advise anyone who wants to know what I have to offer about carbs. I am an enthusiast like most of you. I have a lot of knowledge of Mikuni carbs to share, but I would first advise anyone to be apprehensive of anyone's claims. That is how I learned the most about motorcycle carbs in the first place. But, if you would like to know anything I have to offer, then ask. I will offer my honest answer, and I would hope you would double check me. I would anyone else.

Mufflers are OEM, and in excellent condition. I cut them off before the weld so they can be re-used.

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These carbs if I'm not mistaken are authentic Mikunis and you can find a ton of useful information about all the Mikunis, models, tuning parts and other stuff at They specialize in Mikuni carbs and I have dealt with them for years. I run the VM roundslide carbs and the TM flatside carbs on different bikes. The roundslide are the easiest to jet and tune, IMHO. Hope this helps.

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