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Old 12-24-2008, 08:14 PM
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Urethane Motor Mounts

Edited by crazy steve...
Here's some updated info on these bushings (current as of 3/28/2012). The ones shown were made by Energy Suspension, but built for another vendor which is why they're blue. Current offerings are black. These ARE for a Dodge D50 truck, but are only available in a kit (part # 5.3102, $17) that contains FOUR bushings, so to get the needed six you'll need to order two kits. I was told by a supplier these aren't popular, so you may have trouble finding these. As an alternative, this vendor (http://www.suspension.com/4-bar.htm) offers 'bulk' bushings as either sets or singly. The two part numbers that seem to be very close to the Dodge parts are the 2008 (singles, $2.50 each), and the BX311 (4 pack, $17 per pack), both of which are 'normal' stock items according to their tech guy. These may be either red or black, if that's important you'll need to ask. I'll detail the differences below...

Reading left to right, part # first, then the main body diameter, center hole ID, main body length, flange thickness, flange diameter, then overall length.

Stock: 1.100" / .670" / 1.500" / .200" / 1.600" / 1.650"
2035: 1.120" / .662" / 1.310" / .200" / 1.500" / 1.520"
2008: 1.104" / .625" / 1.461" / .256" / 1.496" / 1.717"
BX311: 1.105" / .623" / 1.471" / .256" / NA / 1.727"

As you can see, none of these is an exact replacement, so assume any would need at least some slight modification. The Tech also said you can expect some variations as these are plastic. At $2.50 each, the 2008 would seem to be the best deal, but it's your call...

With that said, here's the pics...
I found a poly insert that fits nice, I had to resize the outside of the bushing a little, I used a carbide bit in a die grinder but a dremmel will work fine. I had to burn the rubber off the old mounts but since they were so old it was easy. The poly that I found are energy susp a-arm bushings for a 1988 dodge D-50, the number on the bushing is 2035. As they say a picture is worth a 1000 words....

careful what you wish for.........you might get it

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