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Old 02-07-2007, 07:23 PM
old_bartender old_bartender is offline
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Dressing it out

I am trying to finsh dress out my 1979 standard. So far vetter fairing & trunk removabul saddel bags (samsonite type).king queen seat. driver and rider floor boards. Sombo has ask for
1 armrest 2 a higher windsheild 3 vetter lower 4 trailer

1 armrest if anyone has a photo of a bike with a set on please send me a photo. brother owns a metal fab shop with some great toys he call them tools. so i might have to fab a set

2 windsheild is in the work (tech tips)

3 vetter lower E-bay is a long wait. Seen one set to fit on ebay
(vetter state type 2 needed) has anyone mod. a set to fit

4 trailer almost done (thank to this site)

winter is a great time to work on bike
last 3 night -15 -12 -18 deg F

Thank you
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Old 02-15-2007, 11:31 AM
jazzrat2000 jazzrat2000 is offline
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hi! any chance you have directions/pictures for mounting the removable Samsonite suitcases? I am missing several pieces, and would like to se what they look like! thanks... tim walters jazzrat2000@hotmail.com
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Old 02-15-2007, 03:31 PM
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Other lowers will fit with very little trimming. Go to the vetter site
for a list of what lowers fit what. Generally you can get any set type 10 or lower and make it fit your set-up.

Floorboards: Use the Drag Specialties ones made for early HD bikes with a female socket for the footpegs. Here is my early attempt at adding floorboards to my XJ:

The boards normally come with hardware that will allow you to move the floorboard up and down plus forward and back a bit so you get the best comfort/fit. Mine are a bit lower than the stock pegs, and I had to move the shift lever down 1 spline to make shifting easier. However, for long trips I find them very comfortable, and they unbolt and can be replaced with the stock pegs in a few minutes per side. Note I had to add a washer on both sides of the male mount to make it fit snugly into the XJ's female footpeg mount, difference between the metric and SAE fittings, I guess.

Also found that when I tilted the boards slightly forward it resulted in a more comfortable foot position. Boards you see today have different mounting hardware but end result is the same. You will loose some ground clearance by going to floorboards.
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