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Old 08-17-2013, 11:09 AM
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One final issue to resolve: stutters/stalls/misses under power after a while.

Ok here is exactly what happened.
  • Started the bike, ran fine, good oil, seems great, short ride… everything great!
  • Took a drive home, got a little lost, ended up doing about 37 miles to home. 2 hours or so tooling around back roads. WORKED GREAT.
  • Mile like... 35, right near home, under normal acceleration, a feeling of power loss starts.
  • Gassing eventually causes it to stutter a bit.
  • Stalls on side of road. Have trouble getting it back started.
  • Have to keep throttle on and ride slow through 2/3 gear or it will stall
  • Stalls at stop sign.
  • End up pushing it into garage (good thing it happened so close to home)
  • Now won't start, seems like no spark.

From other posts I've read, it sounds like this could be a faulty vac advance, or wiring related to that? Perhaps just a loose connection in the wiring?
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