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Old 03-20-2007, 10:20 PM
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Another year of riding FINALLY got kicked off today, temps soared into the upper 60's giving me some time to just go out and cruise till I felt it was time to go home. Some 110 miles later I finally felt like I had made up for the lonnnnnnnnng winter months away from the bike. The new mods I did over the winter both impressed me and caused some problems. The Vetter Sting fairing was a nice feature, adding to my cafe racer style im shooting for, as well as having a windshield again made riding a bit more comfortable, On big bumps, I ran into trouble with the way I had mounted my license plate after I removed the rear fender, it kept wanting to catch the tire, I have a couple of small gashes (luckily the leakless type) to show for it. A new tire is in the works as this has seen better days anyways so I guess the trial and error part is better hashed out on old treads, than a brand new tire. I have an updated pic of the third degree, unfortunately, it was taken last week when we still had clouds and some white stuff so you'll have to bear with me there.

I say we all tip our cups/bottles/cans, anything ya got in front of ya, to another safe year between the lines.
Keep the shiny side up and the rubber down friends

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